Jan 16th, 2021 | Guest Interviews

#UNFIT: THE PSYCHOLOGY OF DONALD TRUMP  Who is this guy? What can psychology professionals and the people who've worked with Trump tell us? Documentarian Dan Partland tells Tom all about his film and its subjects.

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Submitted by captain-morgan on

As always Tom, right on the button. Thanks.
I have also cut people off (Black English)? for this ass-hole
Lol...Lots of lies.

Submitted by do78 on

i loath Donald Trump and this he's a laughably obvious malignant narcassist but why does the left keep saying Republicans are anti science (39.33) yet the left supports 19 genders. they think if a man puts on a wig he's not mentally imbalanced he's a victim. i'm a anarcho capatlist which is similar to a libertarian. yet the left supports abortion which science shows the baby can feel after 5 months. they say they baby cant feel it. both aprties are a damn joke.

Submitted by Jackson Steed on

Born-again Christians in the USA are the most clear and present danger to the Country.
It's baffling that they can identify (with a straight face) as followers of Jesus Christ when
they're filled to the brim with Hatred, Racism, Intolerance, desire for Violence, Gun-Culture
and on and on. And they make-up about 1/3 of the population ! Go to the comments section
of Fox News online and take in the "Crazy"......and they're the mellow ones.