Sep 16th, 2020 | Guest Interviews

WHO KILLED RADIO? It's a question that's been on Tom's mind for years. So he went out and got radio's preeminent consultant, Lee Abrams, to sit down and give his perspective. Lee has "designed" over 1,000 radio stations and was the mastermind behind the launch of XM Satellite Radio.

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Submitted by cpk on

I totally relate to lamenting the loss of great radio. I got my first radio when I was 8, and used to listen at night in the dark - and scan the dial to find all kinds of AM stations from all over the nation. I thought it was magical that I could listen to a station being broadcast from cites that were hundreds of miles away. Later, when I had to do lots of long-distance driving, I'd look forward to hearing the unique stations in the places I'd drive through. Now, you just get the same thing no matter where you are: Alice, Bob, Juan.... that's why I have Sirius XM, the AM and FM dials aren't even worth listening to. If I do want to get local info, like traffic & weather, the only station where I can get that is on our clear-channel station (small C) which, like most clear-channel stations is impossible to listen to because it's Hannity, Limbaugh and a few local right-wing hacks. But, aside from the local NPR stations, those are the only stations where there is any local news or info on the radio - so why bother? I just pull over and check the traffic map on my phone,