Aug 10th, 2020 | Guest Interviews

DID A POPULAR LA RADIO PERSONALITY REFER TO BLACK BABIES AS "PORCH MONKEYS"? YES says former LA radio personality Joshua Escandon. Josh says he wants "to be a champion of civil rights" and he's talking. Was Josh blackballed from radio because of a "gay mafia"?

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Submitted by MuyTranquilo on

This episode reminds me of Gabriel Iglesias' skit where he is the voice of one of the main characters in the movie Cars and he describes how he is indirectly told by the director to "spice things up" and "add a Latin flavor" to his voice.

Submitted by jvazjr2014 on

I never heard of your guest until now but I know who his dad and uncle is. His father is Fernando Escandon and his uncle is Eduardo Quezada, iconic Latino news anchor since the 60s KMEX. My father knows Eduardo since childhood. Fernando Escandon, voice actor is also well known. Fernando was known as a 'womanizer' in the industry. Regardless both men were trail blazers
for Latinos trying to break into the news/radio industry.

Submitted by JoshuaEscandon on

Why would you say that about my father? What do you know?

Should I name all the womanizers in the entertainment industry?

Joshua Escandon

Submitted by jvazjr2014 on

Just rumors I've heard of and what is on Wikipedia (look it up). I'm sure your papa is a stand up guy. Like I said , iconic
and trailblazers. Sorry if I may have offended you.

Submitted by JoshuaEscandon on

Just because he was popular with the ladies doesn’t make him a womanizer.

Should I name every rockstar movie star in existance?

Submitted by JoshuaEscandon on

Interesting rumors and Wikipedia is something someone else writes about you.

Submitted by mrbruce1 on

Tom, WTF was that? Perfect timing to shut this guy up. If he said Rick Dees or Howard stern one more time I was gonna throw my phone into ocean from my lanai here in is dead exactly because of what you said, the debt, the no talent and co consolidation.

Submitted by JoshuaEscandon on

Oh that’s just the abbreviated version. You should hear all the gay stories and bs that happens behind the scenes in Racist Gay Radio.

Submitted by Faithful LIstener on

He discussed what only you discuss, the structural changes taking place in the radio industry, and why they are taking place. He's great, and you should have him back more often to do contemporary commentary. Yes. he has a grudge, and yes, he has damn good reasons for them, and he also understands how the radio industry worked, and is working. Masterful guest. Thank you for this, Dad. I learned more from his interview than you can know. Thanks again.

Submitted by Danieldominguez... on

When can I expect the rest of the stories to come out and where should I be looking for this content?