Jun 23rd, 2020 | Guest Interviews

COFFEE WITH A BLACK GUY After all the upheaval of the last few weeks since the murder of George Floyd, isn't it time for a calm and rational conversation about race? Hear how Coffee With A Black Guy founder James Joyce is bringing his brand of dialogue right to your community, right when we need it most.

Here's the news story from the Santa Barbara Independent where Tom first heard about Coffee With A Black Guy.

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Submitted by TallTim on

...only furthers the Cultural Marxism that is sweeping the country.

I'd prefer commonality and conversations versus division and demands for financial compensation. Its the fourth turning, and if you haven't followed that seminal work I suggest you look it up. It describes a lot of what is going on, and why there are upheavals in society right now.

You can see this in Tom's opening monologue, where the "evildoers" are the root of everything going wrong. Its that binary assignment of Oppressor/Oppressed that is the foundation of divisive tactics used by other govts in other times. Its designed to put people at odds with each other, instead of achieving any common bridge.

I love the idea of "Coffee With a Black Guy". I just don't agree with categorizing everyone in rigid binary terms. Maybe we'll make it as a nation, maybe we won't. All depends on whether we work together or not...

Submitted by alrantel on

I ageee with your comments especially the binary Oppressed/Oppressor dynamic. Of course it’s binary because that’s the easiest way to frame something so complex but it proves a little knowledge is dangerous. Mr Joyce needs to have coffee at the library while he learns history as it happened not a simple fake narrative he presented on the podcast.

Submitted by alrantel on

In 1857 the Supreme Court ruled in the Dredd Scott decision that blacks were two thirds of a person for purposes of census. No where in “the founding documents” Joyce refers to, adopted almost 100 years before, does it refer to blank people in any way. He’s ok but a bit of a professional victim. Also there is, one could argue, some unintended racism iny Joyce in presenting himself as speaking for any American, black or white, but himself.

Submitted by alrantel on

Forgive the typos in the first comment. Damn auto correct. However it must be pointed out that Mr Joyce in this interview has history backwards. The Founding documents of America did NOT declare Blacks less then a person. They did the exact opposite by opening the door to the eventual abolition of slavery by declaring that “all men are created equal.” The Founders knew that had they tried to abolish slavery in the new Constitution it would never have been adopted and the nation would have devolved. The 2/3 of a person is a horrible single decision of the Supreme Court many decades later that in only several years later was nullified by the 13th and 14th
Amendments passed after the Civil War ended. Every “black guy” (or white guy) should know their history before going out for coffee to talk about the complex issue of race in America.