May 28th, 2020 | Guest Interviews

THE GRIM REAPER RETURNS...WITH COVID-19 BODY BAGS! You may recall this episode's guest from his previous appearance...when he roamed Florida beaches dressed as The Grim Reaper. Attorney/activist Daniel Uhlfelder returns to the beach...with COVID-19 body bags! Find out what happened and why he's so determined! 

Ted Cruz doesn’t want people shamed with body bags for going to beach: ‘Please stop the hate’

Daniel Uhlfelder's Twitter.

Here's how you can support Daniel's cause.

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Submitted by TallTim on

If you think anyone in Florida gives a shit, you don't know Florida. There's a reason people are out there, they want to get out and have assessed the personal risk and found it acceptable. In light of the CDC admission that the fatality rate is 0.3% -- all this lawyer is doing is getting free advertising for his law practice and activism funding.

Here's a prediction for you - people will continue not to give a shit, will continue to live their lives, and sure, they'll take some free bodybags, so they can use it for dirty laundry or maybe some lawn waste disposal.

Pushing this stuff doesn't help anyone, and it only makes this guy look like a virtue-signaling jackass. I'm sure he feels like he's doing something useful, most self-absorbed busybodies do.

Great episode, I'll remember this guy's name and never contribute a single dollar to him -- appreciate the reminder!

Submitted by xboxown on

Why I have the feeling if you guys met: You and HIM at highschool level, meaning we reverse time and return you both as teenagers...I have this feeling but I could be wrong...correct me if I would bully the snout out of that guy and kick his ass in school.

But I said...I could be wrong!

Submitted by TallTim on

I don't waste my time with people like that -- I just identify their behavior and move on.

Funny thing, you can tell this guy is full of shit, he said during the interview that he could see "from his office window" a "fully packed bar". If he was so SKEERED of the virus, don't you think he'd move shop? Or try to work remotely?

Oh that's right -- he wouldn't be able to promote himself if he took it as seriously as he says... my mistake. Just another attention whore.

Submitted by AnaheimDog on

Covid 19, sick of hearing about it at every turn, please Tom, dig deep, talk about something else, and not TRUMP either.

Submitted by TomLeykisNNN on

...but COVID-19 episodes draw largest audiences of all. Yes, I'm surprised too.



Submitted by AnaheimDog on

Or whats going on at the ranch, will you ever get a dog, what kind of dog would you consider if any. Did you ever own a dog. Do you have a shotgun rack for the ridgeline? Do you collect anything? Whats the most interesting thing you found on the ranch, if anything. Do you ever ride a bicycle? Would you get a dirtbike or a quad? Do you go to a shooting range? Would you parachute onto your ranch for fun, would you ever drive to NY or FL, and back? Do you like fireworks that you light? Do you garden, will you grow "tomatoes"? Why not gow some weed, its legal, do you? Its not something youve adressed since its legal status.