May 6th, 2020 | Guest Interviews

TOM SITS DOWN WITH THE GRIM REAPER When Tom saw The Grim Reaper, cudgel in hand, walking Florida beaches warning of the dangers of reopening the beaches too soon, he just had to find out more. Meet Daniel Uhlfelder, a Florida lawyer and campaigner for public beach access. His campaign has captured the imaginations of thousands of supporters and the ire of Florida's governor!

Read all about Daniel Uhlfelder as The Grim Reaper.

Daniel Uhlfelder's website.

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Call Daniel at (850) 534-0246.

Should beaches anywhere in America be opening so soon? Tell Tom what you think:



Submitted by TallTim on

Lets stay closed until we get 100% unemployment.

Then the Fed can print all the money we need, we won't pay taxes, and then no one will have to work ever again.

Sounds like Modern Monetary Theory to me, which is perfect. We should just print and print until inflation magically appears again.

Good show Tom, I hope that the "Close It All Forever" movement gains steam as people empty their near-empty savings, being force to scrounge in trash cans and refuse bins behind restaurants doing take-out only.

If we're really lucky, all the people who have been broke since March will leave, which will no doubt improve the rate of small businesses reopening after this economic ice age.