Apr 4th, 2020 | Guest Interviews

DID GOD CHOOSE CHRISTIAN SMALLS TO SHUT DOWN AMAZON? He's 31 and a father of three. Until recently, Chris Smalls worked at the Amazon warehouse in Staten Island, New York. Then came COVID-19, and all hell broke loose. Hear how Chris became the talk of the news media as well as the political and labor worlds.

Learn more about Chris in this story from ForbesAmazon Worker Who Was Fired After Coronavirus Walkout Says He Is ‘Being Silenced’.

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Submitted by TallTim on

With a smartphone in every pocket, I'm surprised he didn't try to record audio/video of what was going on. Not that his word isn't enough, but it would have bolstered his case.

Amazon no doubt squeezes every drop of blood out of who works there, other stories on Amazon do not paint a good picture of how the company deals with workers at all.

Maybe others have that footage, it would be worthwhile to investigate and canvas workers there to see if someone captured something.

I think Amazon steamrolled this dude because he's personable and they could see the threat he presented to their bottom line.

Submitted by MGTOW Gamer on

It's interesting how the nation's #1 retailer is too cheap to provide supplies to its own employees.

Submitted by beastiedogz on

I'm still using Amazon. Love it. Theses are just those dumbass socialist trying to push blame on corporations.

Submitted by timmy on

Dude, you're not special. You're a dime amongst a dozen Christian.