Mar 31st, 2020 | Guest Interviews

FORMER BE FUNNY STAR NOW ON THE CORONAVIRUS FRONTLINE Longtime Leykis listeners remember a regular caller named "Baker", a longtime P1 and creator of the Be Funny classic, New Normal Nights. Our boy is now fulfilling a very different role: he finished medical school and he's now in the thick of the coronavirus fight in New Jersey. Learn about COVID-19 from one of our own!<--break->



Submitted by TallTim on

Good on you for helping out.

Most are just virtue-signaling by trying to police others online about "social distancing" and other details. Good to see a P1 fighting the good fight.

Keep safe, sir.

Submitted by misterdgc on

Thanks for the details and pix! When you say your first name is doctor, you ain't lying! You are a hero of a P1!! I am a designated "DSW" (disaster service worker) here in SF. Don't think I will have to be as close to actual sick people as the good doctor. Wow, this guy is the real thing. Haven't been "called up" yet. My co-worker just got sent to serve at SF General. Hope they get those cure pills available soon...

Submitted by BIDEN2020 on

I had a doc check my throat -- he went thru the nose and down the throat w/ his video camera tool.
sounds horrible but really didn't feel that much for that 30 seconds..he said all was looking good..thank god

PS FUCK TRUMP and his GOP LapDogs & his boss rush dimbah