Mar 19th, 2020 | Guest Interviews

WHAT DOES A SUPERSTAR SPORTSWRITER DO WITHOUT ANY SPORTS TO WRITE ABOUT?  Los Angeles Times sports columnist Arash Markazi worked for years to get his dream job: he's the Times's Page 3 sports columnist. And now, because of the coronavirus pandemic, he has no sports to write about! How does this top sportswriter deal?



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I don't have much sympathy for guys pulling down multi-million dollar contracts. They'll be just fine, unless they spend it faster than they make it--and some do.

As for reporters, I'm surprised AI routines haven't replaced all that anyway. The tech is there, it just hasn't been utilized. Time to pivot to another profession, Mr. Markazi. Unless he wants to cover Marble Rallies.

It would be amusing if the players didn't get paychecks though. They might actually have to get real jobs where they contribute to society.

Lots of businesses aren't coming back after this. That's the real story.

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I don’t think a lot of businesses will be returning after the Corona Virus hysteria eventually disappears either. Also, I think in the future AI will be replacing a lot of industries which is all the more reason to never have children because theirs basically no future opportunities for them.