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WHY IS PROSTITUTION STILL ILLEGAL? Or, for that matter, pornography or S&M or any other kind of sex work? And what's being done about it? Could legalizing these kinds of professions make society better or make women safer? Find out from Tom's guest, sex worker and activist Kaytlin Bailey, communications director of the organization Decriminalizing Sex Work. Hear about Robert Kraft, Jeffrey Epstein, and more!

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Submitted by pauluss on

Prostitutes are HONEST women, but MOST women are DISHONEST prostitutes - seasons greetings from England Tom :)

Submitted by cpk on

Kaytlin comments about the fact that in Nevada we have a high arrest rate for prostitution despite having legal brothels. One reason is that people come from all over to Vegas and Reno in order to debauch. Probably more so than anywhere else, so you are going to obviously have more such activity here than in a lot of other places. Another big, obvious reason for high arrests is that in Reno and Clark County (Vegas) prostitution is in fact NOT legal. The brothels are out in the rural counties. I think this is stupid, and we oughta set up brothels in both Washoe and Clark counties - obviously, the bulk of visitors are in these places and would be happy to get the better service. You'd also have far fewer women getting raped, robbed and beaten up if they were in legal brothels, and way less STDs for everyone.

Submitted by xboxown on

I have played red redemption and it pretty much cleared USA ancestors very well. USA is build on the following foundations:

A) shooting, killing
B) Stealing, drinking alcohol,
C) Prostitution and gangs

So the very nature of USA is based on filth, prostitution, alcohol, gangs, mafia, guns and so on.........

Submitted by TallTim on

...that access to pussy isn't allowed freely is because women know it would decrease their power at home.

Wife being bitchy and holding back sex? Fuck you, I'll just get a legal 20-something to fuck.

Girlfriend trying to withhold sex in an effort to force a guy to commit? Fuck you, I'll just look up a chick that is hotter and younger and shag her brains out.

It would totally turn on its head the dynamic between men and women, which is why women will fight hard to not allow it. It will happen eventually though, either live females or sexbots, either way, the old tactic of manipulating guys using sex will eventually fall to the wayside.

In some extremes it already has, with the "Men Going Their Own Way" movement, and with dudes that will use Tinder/Bumble/PoF all day long to score with loose chicks but never girlfriend/wife them up. Women wanted independence? You got it, sister -- and that includes men being independent from YOU.

Submitted by panc1974 on


This is one time I wish you were doing a live radio show. I would love to have called in and loved to have listen to the other callers asking Kaytlin questions. TOM - YOU RULE. I hope you keep doing podcasts for years to come. GREAT TOPIC. I can't believe prostitution is still illegal, but POT is legal is more than half the States. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.


Submitted by Sonsofbitches on

consenting sex workers should be de criminalized 100%. however, gorilla pimps who kidnap underaged girls and beat them should be prosecuted.
women who go to work for themselves should be left alone