Oct 16th, 2019 | Guest Interviews

IS ANYONE WORTH $750K? That's what a North Carolina man was ordered to pay another man whose wife he "stole"! What does that say about marriage in the 21st Century? North Carolina attorney Ashley-Nicole Russell joins Tom to talk about the damage divorce can cause and how "collaborative divorce" can produce better results.

Here is the original story that started it all from the Washington Post.

Take a look at guest Ashley-Nicole Russell's book:

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Submitted by timmy on

Being a native of NC, this state has THE DUMBEST LAWS YOU CAN IMAGINE! The cure for a divorce culture is going overseas. NC is home of the simps. The simps have found ways to stop you from banging their wife...LOL Man the simps are serious now a days!

Submitted by TallTim on

I get your point about the law, since it can be turned against men -- but honestly this society is effed up because women can be complete sluts with zero consequences. Its even encouraged, as you know. "Family Law" is a travesty of justice, men get raked over the coals on the regular, and very RARELY do women get the same treatment.

I'm torn whether to just enjoy the decline with plenty of whores, or push back and get us back on track. I wonder where Tom sits on this?