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FEAR OF FAILURE are you afraid to leave your comfort zone? Turn out the lights, sit back and enjoy your favorite glass of wine (Tom did! See below.) and hear why failure is a good thing!


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MY TEAM LOST! Angelenos are dealing with the Dodgers' second World Series loss in a row. But is this really the big deal people think it is? Do sports teams return all the love that we fanatic fans give them? Why do we care so much? Send your feedback and topic suggestions to tom@blowmeuptom.com.


"WHO DO I VOTE FOR?" From Tom: Here is how I voted on California candidates as well as those pesky propositions.

One more tip: for California voters who need more information on any upcoming election, here is a great, nonpartisan website that I use to sort out the issues and you should too: https://votersedge.org/ca. Got questions or comments? Write tom@blowmeuptom.com.


Hour 1: WOP. Hour 2: WOP. Hour 3: WOP.


Hour 1: Tom talks with the guys about a wide range of topics, and Tom announces 1 more listener event coming up in November. Go to DinnerWithTom.com for details. Hour 2: More open discussion with Tom and the guys. Hour 3: Tom talks with the people who've stopped by the studio including Dustin Bartz of Bartz Barbecue who catered today's event.


Hour 1: WOP. Hour 2: WOP. Hour 3: WOP.


Hour 1: Cut those out of your lives who hold you back. Tom also reads an obituary of a dead addict and Tom explains why there should be little sympathy for her. Hour 2: More on cutting poisonous people out of your life. Hour 3: Unscreened calls.


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Hour 1; WOP. Hour 2: WOP. hour 3: WOP.


Hour 1: Is there anything you want Tom to address before he closes shop?