Apr 2nd, 2012 | Live Stream Library

YOU'VE FOUND IT! OUR FIRST LIVE INTERNET SHOW EVER. After Tom's absence for 37 months, over 400,000 people tried to hear this show at the exact same time, causing massive server crashes all over, including on iTunes. Many people were not able to hear this show live and they had to come here to hear this mp3 instead. (Many callers refer to this difficulty during this episode.) It all started here! NOTE: there were no ad-free episodes until 2014.

Hour 1: Why Have Kids? Tom wants to know how you would feel if you were the parents of the shooter in Colorado. Hour 2: Cont. Why Have Kids and Tequila Tasting with Ernesto Aguirre from Angel Bandito Tequila. Hour 3: Cont. Angel Bandito Tequila tasting and overall tequila discussion with Ernesto Aguirre. Unscreened Calls last half hour.



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Had to go back and listen to the first show of the little internet experiment. Such a fantastic journey for all of us who waited for the countdown timer and then to have Tom again on the "new" show. Such a long time from terrestrial to going live. It was absolutely fascinating to hear Tom connect the dots of his time "off" and the radio industry failing in the talk radio format. I remember when the server crashed on blowmeuptom.com. I still respect the show to this day. Always hoping the band will get back together one more time...I know...still wish it would happen.