Be Funny

Be Funny

Hour 1: Brian Phelps of Mark & Brian joins Tom in studio. Hour 2: Cont Brian Phelps. Hour 3: Be Funny.


Hour 1: College. Are you having difficulty with the outrageous price tag of attending college in today's climate? Hour 2: Cont College discussion. Hour 3: Be Funny.


Hour 1: Be Prepared. Tom predicts more economic decline and lay offs for the year of 2013 and thinks you need to be prepared for when you get fired. Hour 2: Cont Economic Decline Discussion. Hour 3: Be Funny.


Hour 1: Happy Birthday Tom! Tom reminds you to stop and reflect on your own life and to always do what you want. Hour 3: Be Funny.


Hour 1: Obama vs Romney. President Obama currently leads Mitt Romney in a new poll 49% to 43%. Hour 2: Be Funny. Hour 3: Jon Taffer from Spike TV's Bar Rescue joins Tom in studio to talk about the bar business and take your calls.


I've been promising this for years, and now here it is! From Wednesday, September 1, 1982: the Tom Leykis 11 PM hour on WQBK Radio/Albany, NY. A forerunner to today's Be Funny called The Comment Line. Includes the horrific WQBK song! The full hour is available to subscribers of Premium Tom. Subscribe by clicking here.


The ORIGINAL Be Funny from September 1980.