Jul 10th, 2019 | In the News

FEMALE SOCCER PLAYERS AND THEIR FANS WANT THEM TO GET "EQUAL PAY" US women won the 2019 World Cup. Men did not. And now women across America are demanding that women players get paid commensurate with what men get. Do they deserve it?  Tom gets away from all the emotional screeching and sorts out the numbers.

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Should male or female athletes be paid more? Tom wants to know: tom@blowmeuptom.com.



Submitted by Ciesaro on

I agree 100% And I understand ESPN is going to air more professional women's soccer. Infomercials and test patterns draw more people.

Submitted by mistaphill on

I would rather watch a paint drying competition than watch a bunch of feminists kick a ball around.

Submitted by xboxown on

I would rather enjoy my toys than watch TV period. TV is too estrogen for my taste. I have no interest in what feminists or women empowering or female wanting to treed on men's affair, let alone women period. The more women push themselves on our faces, the more they compete with men, the more I am exhausted from them...the more boring they become to me....the more I am a-sexual period from them. Some men just go gay.

Submitted by TallTim on

Lets face it, unless you're watching fit chicks in sports-bras and bikini bottoms batting a volleyball around, most guys could give a shit there are other women's sports.

Check out this vid -- 2019 Italian Women Pole Vaulting -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTYPPnKGPPE

I'd watch this shit all day, because they're hot, fit, and don't bitch about payscale like a bunch of entitled cunts.

Submitted by thomasj on

I agree Tom, but American Women blame men for their crappy attendance problems. Apparently, it's a male conspiracy that not enough attention is paid to THEIR sports. Like everything else in their dissatisfied lives, it's a man's fault. They may have had a minor point back when there were three networks (when ALL content had to clear a lot of gates) but today people vote with their keyboards...and they're not voting for women's sports. Personally, I'm getting sick of the entire "female empowerment" drumbeat, It has infected every media outlet possible. Even the anti-male themed ads on sporting events are offensive to me. Worse is the emasculated ass-kissing of the producers and announcers. Men don't have to constantly seek approval from others to validate themselves, apparently the little ladies do.

Having now made my (serious) point, I want it known that I am still open to MOST women that want to push themselves on MY face (see xboxown above). In many cases, I've enjoyed it, bro..

Submitted by xboxown on

If you mean having their breast is different than having to watch feminist and male bashing pushed my face. If you like that toxic femininity...go for it..maybe one day your body will change and you can get pregnant and breast feed. Who knows. Anything is possible.

Submitted by tannydavid on

I like women's soccer, but then again, I enjoy throwing up.

Submitted by briandha on

What these people don't understand is if they force these women's leagues to pay their female players comparably to their male counterparts in the men's leagues, the women's leagues would go bankrupt overnight because they don't have enough revenue.