Nov 18th, 2019 | In the News

"DAD DEPRIVATION": THE REAL CAUSE OF SO MANY MASS SHOOTINGS  As the communities of Saugus and Santa Clarita, Cailfornia struggle to recover from still another mass shooting and continue to grieve, Americans still refuse to deal with the major factor that binds so many of these incidents together: Mass shooters and other criminals (including the Saugus killer Nate Berhow) are often raised in homes with no father around. Single mother homes.

Frequent guest Dr. Warren Farrell's essay on this subject.

The Wall Street Journal's story about the death of Saugus shooter Nate Berhow.

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Submitted by TallTim on

As I posted before, you are correct about SIngle Mothers -- but its also the environment that enables single mothers to thrive that pushes this as well.

I have no idea where it ends, but it seems from my perspective that I'm watching society and civilization begin this broad decline into utter ruin. Think I'm wrong? I'd love to hear a counter-argument.

Submitted by xboxown on

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Add to the fact these boys have a role to play in society, they are the backbone of society and this determine their masculinity...he have a peaceful and healthy mind. Society that is run by a patriarchal society have the best doctors, best education, technology, advancement, etc. I am watching USA self destroy itself and it cannot be stopped. You think if you wipe out the male gene pool from USA there will be true paradise on Earth. Flying unicorn, ramboe and happiness on Earth. Once that Y chromosome disappear and once testosterone is wiped clean and once all babies born at their default state (female) USA is destroyed. There are nothing left in USA as a country and give it be wiped from the face of Earth. Women single handily have destroyed their own self, their country and caused the most destructive thing to ever happen to society. Women are the most DESTRUCTIVE SEX that have ever faced the Earth...their toxic at highest level.

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