Aug 20th, 2019 | Tom Talks

HOW (AND WHY ) TO DECIDE WHICH FAMILY MEMBERS REALLY MATTER From Daytona Beach, FL, as Tom continues his Florida trip, he's had days on the beach to ruminate about family: the family who love us and the family who take us for granted and guilt trip us. ALSO, hear a special revelation about Tom's own life you've never heard before!

Agree or disagree? Got a family problem or a dilemma? Tell Tom about it:




Submitted by TONY_LALLI on

my family is about to learn that i am getting bump up in my lifestyle and some of them are about to learn that they will not be there to enjoy my wealth, properties or my success. I have to identify those who are passive aggressive abusive and show them the door at the holidays. make a no dine, dash fly list for my imediate family members.

cant wait to get this period in my life over with have been waiting seems like for forever. should have done it a long time ago.

Submitted by TallTim on

Just went through this with my brother. After trying to have open conversation, usually some chat over a online platform here and there. He ghosts me for a while, so I get fucking annoyed. When he finally pops up like nothing happened, I have to pull teeth to figure shit out. His immediate response "I'm not here to entertain you."

Well f---uuu---uuuh-uuuuck you, buddy. It was all about having a conversation, my only intent was having him tell me shit that was going on in his life.

So you know what? I just said "Okay, I get it." and dropped him like a fucking hot potato.

I don't need people in my life that can't be bothered to chat once in a while -- so I'm totally with you Tom, they can pound sand.

Submitted by artbell1 on

Hello Tom!

This episode of your podcast really meant so much to me.

You have talked in the past about periodically revising your list of cell phone contacts. I have cut out many people after hearing you talk about this.
Now I am reviewing some of my family relationships as well. Sometimes we get so busy it can be easy to forget why we do things. I appreciate your advice on how to live a better life.

All the best,


Submitted by panc1974 on

Tom, This topic struck a cord with me. To protect the privacy of those around me, I don't want to go into detail. But I learned a lot from this show. Thanks. Also, This is one of hte time I wish you were doing a live show. I would love to hear what the other callers would say. Thanks always. BTW I love your wine.

Submitted by Miguel0311 on

Just adopted your Friend Rules
Many people were chopped
Need a new cleaver , first one got real dull
Thanks again Tom