Jun 26th, 2019 | Tom Talks

EPISODE 100 Tom didn't think it would last this long or that people would want it this much, but almost eight months to the day of the end of the live stream, here we are at 100 episodes of our podcast! Hear how we got here, what we do differently today, and what we're working on next!

Let's hear what you think. Write Tom at tom@blowmeuptom.com, or call (901) 3000-TOM and leave a comment we may use on an upcoming episode!



Submitted by Sonsofbitches on

Tom Leykis will always be the father of MGTOW, which is a movement that keeps growing. I have always loved your rants, there have been so many during the past few years. Just legendary man

Submitted by TallTim on

Look forward to what's coming. You articulate ideas like no other, totally worth the price of entry.

Submitted by thomasj on

First, Congratulations! - I appreciate everything you do. Second, I would have commented earlier, but I was on vacation and listening to some archived shows that I downloaded. They are the perfect thing for expert "manalysis" and entertainment on international flights or on long rides. Anyway, I'm back to the near-real-time podcasts now. The knowledge that you share is timeless. In fact, there were several live shows I re-ran where you made predictions that have since proven true. Keep up the excellent work!