Jun 10th, 2019 | Leykis 101

DE NIRO'S DIVORCE REMINDS US AGAIN WHY NOT TO GET MARRIED Actor Robert De Niro is getting a cruel reminder of why Your Professor continues to tell you not to get married under almost any circumstances. But he signed a prenup, right? Doesn't matter. And so, here he is at age 75 in court being told to produce 15 years worth of financial records regardless of what the prenup says. Here is that reminder you're always needing to not let them move in, and to definitely not marry them.

Here is the New York Post's account of the De Niro divorce.

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Submitted by RyanMS on

Way less dinero for De Niro

Submitted by TallTim on

That idiot was in some good movies, but what a fucking moron.

Most pre-nups can be challenged on the basis that the bitch involved was "under duress" or "didn't understand" what was going on. Its the pussy pass encoded into second chances via appeals. Marriage is a losers game. You lose your freedom, you lose your chance to fuck someone else, and you end up losing your accumulated assets.

Leykis 101 had it right. Marriage is for chumps, especially in light of "Family Law". They should just call it "Womens Law" because they're the only ones who benefit in divorce rape.

Submitted by PPasquale on

IF you are going to get married, hell even if you aren't - get yourself fixed and don't say a word.

Submitted by misterdgc on

So a flight attendant/ Mr Chows waitress from Mississippi needs millions after living in luxury for years? WOW! What could a woman do for/to you that's worth 250 million(so he kept he away from her career or something?)?! He filed for divorce from her in 1999, but they "reconciled"!!! Loser! Feel sorry for the hapless schnook. Hope you like getting cornholed, 'cause that's the only action you're gonna get from her now (her lawyers that is). Oh Bobby Bobby Bobby... Well guess we'll be seeing more of him in a bunch of crappy movies / appearances to make up some of the money he loses.

Submitted by George III on

Love, it takes away a lot more than your breath.

Submitted by tahkwuh on

Just like with the dearly departed Robin Williams, who cranked out a bunch of films to pay his burgeoning financial obligations prior to committing suicide, DiNiro having lost a large chunk of his assets, will now be forced to spend many hours under the Hollywood spotlight in order to earn back a fraction of what he's giving away to his greedy future ex-wife. Good job, Bobby..shoulda been a Leykis listener (& devoted follower) cause now you're S C R E W E D

Submitted by jay3183 on

Tom you’re correct again! You can’t control these women in today’s society so why bother! Focus on building your wealth and live a happy life drama free !