Jun 15th, 2019 | Leykis 101

HOW MUCH IS HOUSEWORK REALLY WORTH? A judge in Argentina decided that a divorced woman is entitled to eight million Argentine pesos for her 20 years of housework and childrearing. What if judges start ruling this way in the United States? Is living with a woman worth this kind of cost?

Here is the article to which Tom refers in this episode.

Do you agree with the judge in this case? Do we owe women for whatever they do around the house? Tell Tom now: tom@blowmeuptom.com.



Submitted by TallTim on

All of this bullshit would have been avoided if the guy had just said "no" to a woman. Tom has a great show on this - June 12, 2012 Hour 1 if you want to look it up.

My favorite part is where Tom mentions the "Blow Me Up Tom" documentary where he listens to his now-ex complain about him, and the interviewer asks him how he feels about it.

Tom points to the front door and says "If you don't like it, there's the door." A goddamn classic. Men need to assert themselves, or women will walk all over them.