May 8th, 2019 | Leykis 101

HOW BADLY DO YOU WANT TO BE IN LOVE? The chick in this story really, really wanted to be in love! She found a man who pampered her, flew her around the world on private jets, claimed to be in the diamond business. And then, she had the surprise of her life.

Click here for the article Tom referenced.

Click here to see the video of the woman in the story and decide for yourself if she's a complete sucker.

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Submitted by xboxown on

I feel no sympathy or emotion to modern women suffering....- shrug -.....they have zero feelings to men and boys suffering...and they are indulged self centered narcissistic sociopaths the majority of them.

Submitted by misterdgc on

Yes, you too can score a snobby, money hungry BAZITCH! Just lie your ass off and be a dangerous creep (with a diamond mine)! Just loooove this story. Women have zero mercy in relationships, are super entitled, say they want a nice guy etc etc, but then complain when the BAD BOY actually turns out to be bad!! Ya hit another one out of the park Tom! OUTTA THERE!!!!

Submitted by Sonsofbitches on

Haha funny story. Typical naive victim and slick greasy conman sleazeball. Just a simple intro to this story and a brief outline of the players would tell me exactly this outcome. Haha. Saw a story on 2020 with a nigerian phony doctor who scammed a new york bitch out of a few hundred grand. Can't get any funnier than this

Submitted by taco130 on

Fucking hilarious. She thought she hit the bigtime, but ended up getting cleaned out by a cheeseball scam artist. I find it extremely hard to believe that a woman of above average intelligence could actually fall for this scuzzy motherfucker’s line of bullshit. How could this bitch be so fucking blind? Here’s a hint honey: next time, do an internet search or background check on the guy. He’s a total stranger, and you know exactly bupkis about him. It might cost you a couple of hundred bucks, but the last time I checked, that’s a whole lot less than $200K. Good God...what a moron.