Apr 2nd, 2019 | In the News

WHAT IF YOU FOUND OUT THAT YOU'RE ONE OF 30 SIBLINGS? That's what happened to this woman in the Bay Area when she took a "harmless" DNA test to satisfy her curiosity. Ever think about what could happen if you took one of these tests? Tom has!

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Submitted by Teacher Kenn on

About three months ago, I get an unknown message sent to me on Facebook. It was a lady about my age from West Virginia claiming we had the same grandmother. My grandmother passed away in the early 70s just before I was born. At first, I just though this is a scam, however she knew a lot about my family history. I am white and she is black, and it just really seemed fishy. Eventually all she asked for was a picture of our grandmother. Apparently she had some fun in the 50's in West Virginina. I do not know if this happened while she was married to my grandfather. They have all passed away and I only have one living relative that would know the answers to all of this. She is my grandfather's sister and she is in her late 90's. I just do not want to open that can of worms for her, we lived rather fine without knowing this and I have to agree with Tom, it is best just to leave that all in the past.

I was just lucky she only wanted a picture of my grandmother. I did send a message to my brother who is living back in the states to send a picture of her through email so I could pass it on to this lady. Nonetheless, it is a real freaky experience to get a message from an unknown person claiming they are a part of your family.