Mar 11th, 2019 | In the News

A-ROD ASKED J-LO TO MARRY HIM...AND SHE SAID YES! Isn't that romantic? Isn't that wonderful? Aren't these two great people? Wouldn't you like to be in love like that? Click here and get Tom's take!

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Submitted by TallTim on

This is always hilarious because you know the dude is going to get hosed for 50% eventually.

Even perky Justin Beiber is feeling depressed. No kidding, women are dream killers. Just ask Lebron, lol.

Submitted by Hakim saraf on

Guess tom was right jose canseco is tweeting that jlo man is cheating on her with his wifes friend I think the news said I did not see the tweet but they said jose canseco even willing to take a lie detector test, wow ya work fast Tom;)

Submitted by Hakim saraf on

His ex wife I mean (jose canseco)

Submitted by techtwinkie on

the price of pussy is amazing.

Submitted by jimwalsh2001 on

The word you're looking for is "retread"...