Mar 7th, 2019 | Tom Talks

YOU COME FIRST! Are you depressed? Feel sad? Unsatisfied? Feel like your life or your career is going nowhere? What went wrong? Tom knows! Listen to this episode and soon, you'll know!

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Submitted by TallTim on

But then again I'm not a moron.

I do miss the call-in bits though, especially when Tom rips 'em a new one.

Submitted by ChefBetti on

Tom! 100%! The truth is, I have spent my whole life carrying other people's baggage and have allowed people to guilt me out of my peace and serenity. From the guy I dated for ten years who my family co signed on a house for us and he bagged the money to my ex husband who hijacked over $500K from me and left me in so much debt it took me nine years to pay off! Additionally he created a legal nightmare that took years for me to work through. In 2017 the most amazing thing happened. I found out I had cancer. How is this amazing? Finally the universe had enough of me bending over for people and I was forced to put myself first. I beat the hell out if cancer and came out on the other side last November. Recently I decided, no more allowing people to suck the life out of me. From the boyfriend who texted me with complaints of just about everything every day and why he cannot tow the line in a relationship HE asked for and then ghosts "when life gets stressful" to the friend who perpetually gets herself involved with narcissistic abusers and constantly has drama in her personal life...I am done! I never throw anyone away, but I told them they can quit hiking their leg up on my serenity or exit stage right....and survey says..."Well...bye"

My life is peaceful. No more whining and complaint from people who are ungrateful for what they have or feel the need to create superfluous drama. No more being asked to carry other people's misery. None of it. I am focused on my flourishing business and raising my beautiful and brilliant daughter. We literally live spitting distance to the water here in Ventura and couldn't be happier! Tonight I will read in peace and do snow angels in my king size bed!

No more nonsense. None.

Submitted by TomLeykisNNN on

Sounds good to ME, Betti!!!