Mar 1st, 2019 | In the News

STILL ANOTHER TEACHER ACCUSED OF BONING HER 13-YEAR OLD STUDENT in Arizona. This story is really outrageous! It includes text messages, naked photos, videos, a phone confrontation between the boy's parents, the teacher and her husband, police, handcuffs, and so much more! No one tells a story like this better than Tom.

Click here to read the Arizona Republic article to which Tom refers, which includes videos of the teacher's arrest and arraignment as well as photos of the evidence.

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Submitted by TallTim on

Yeah, I'd bang that.

She wouldn't see me the next morning, though.

Submitted by daro-1 on

There is only one name that best describes her and that is she's a pedophile and shoud be locked up and have the key thrown away.

Its a known fact that 3 to 5 percent of the population have pedophilic tenancies and anyone who is turned on by stories like this are also pedophiles.

The thing is there is moves afoot to normalize pedophilia and call it a sexual orientation just like homosexual (including lesbians) and they want to be called pedosexual.

Submitted by Dad it's me on

The dad was probably upset cause he was Banging someone Hotter then he was..

Submitted by TallTim on

On second thought, this happening is a drop in a large ocean compared to what is being pushed as "normal" now. Did she abuse her position? Yes. Did she take advantage of a child? Yes. She's in jail and the system will administer justice.

What isn't talked about is how trannies are now reading books to minor children, how one boy who is TEN YEARS old is being encouraged to adop the transexual "lifestyle" and attend events where he dances for older men, often trannies themselves. This shit is fucking insane.

I'd say there are bigger fish to fry in the sense of absolute child abuse encouraged by a society in decline.

Submitted by Teacher Kenn on

I am a male science teacher in Thailand and often have many ask to tutor them. I refuse to tutor at my house, and my rules are as follows: It must be in a public place and there must be a Thai adult present. I prefer to tutor only at my school, I refuse to be alone in any room with any student. Seems that many parents prefer to look for someone else to tutor their kids, when I tell them my rules. I know I have lost a lot of extra revenue for my "demands".

If a student walks into the office and I am the only teacher there, I will get up and leave. Same thing for the classroom. Many say I am crazy because these reasons, however I feel it is in my best interest. I even had an ex Thai girlfriend try to talk me into tutoring students for extra money. Told her my rules and she couldn't understand why I am so demanding. I have tried to explain why I have these rules, but my Thai isn't that great and wish I could get this podcast translated into Thai. I just say it is for the student's safety.

My current girlfriend already has a lot of her co-workers and friends asking for me to tutor them. I told her my rules and will wait to see what happens next. I have even thought about opening up a tutoring center, and looking into having cameras and at least hire one Thai staff member even if it is to just play on their phones while I tutor.

It does sicken me when I hear stories like this, I have been a teacher for over 9 years and I feel almost like a parent to these students.