Feb 10th, 2019 | Money Podcast

MONEY are you a "loyal employee"? Why? Ever wonder about what you're missing by being loyal to a company that will likely put an ax in your back as soon as they get the chance? In response to listener emails, Tom tells you about the dangers of being a sitting duck!

Click here to see the film Tom mentions in this episode, Michael Moore's Roger & Me.

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Submitted by landon101 on

Awesome episode!! This and the security episode were great reminders to always be on the lookout.

Submitted by Liberation95 on

Tom, a great reminder never to become complacent! Katy's comments are exactly what I'm going through to improve myself, with the fact my company wants to cut over 20% of our personnel!

Submitted by TomLeykisNNN on

Time to go! Glad you enjoyed...



Submitted by Lawrence Burns on

Thank you Tom I was a higher paid employee of a company that my position was eliminated in august glade I took your advise doing my own thing now and had money saved thank you .

Submitted by jvazjr2014 on

As a long time listener this advice of not being the company man has always been one of my tenets. But...unfortunately I fell in the trap once again:
I was just laid off from a high paying position at a small software firm. I busted my ass for them like not other company I've worked for. Only to get the fucking 'axe in the back'.
I took my chances because the money was just too good. I've been burned way too many times Tom. It's time to strike out on my own.
Thank you for the timely podcast.

Submitted by CL on

I appreciate all of the invaluable advice you have given over the years. Thanks to you I have an IRA, a Fuck you fund and an emergency fund.
I also keep my resume hot and ready after I was let go by my asshole manager. I will never be loyal to a business again. I love myself too much.