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THERE'S ONLY ONE SURE WAY TO END THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN It's not going to matter what happens between Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi. It's going to take something more radical. This episode includes your calls!

Click here to see the video of the unpaid federal worker who said that she had to choose between chemotherapy and rent.

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...love it LOVE IT! Thanks for all your support!



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I want to make clear that I don't care about this "Team Red" and "Team Blue" bullshit. In fact, I think politics is a lot like a office party -- the clueless show up because they think they "have to", and then a smaller group splits off, all the hot assistant admins, marketing chicks and the rest to a bar afterwards that is the REAL party. All while the other simps keep shuffling along to shitty tracks off of someone's ancient iPod.

I don't agree with the tactics, but I see a few things here:

1) Most people don't have money saved up. That's fucking retarded. Its even MORE retarded when you KNOW that a govt job has the probability of being "halted" by some event, like this apparent budget squabble. How can you call yourself an adult and not have at least a month of expenses saved up? Somebody hasn't been following Tom's financial rules, because they'd have a YEAR saved up and would have the cushion for this kind of event.

2) Most of congress/senate are multi-millionaires. You don't see these people kicking in for a "Help the Federal Workers Fund" do you? That tells you where the real allegiance lies. They could give a flying shit about what is going on -- they've already made their money.

3) Americans by and large are complete fucking spineless pussies. I've lived here all my life, but I'm half-european, and there's not a fucking chance in hell I'd put up with this bullshit. That's why you see yellow vest riots in France, but you don't see shit here. Everyone is cowed and compliant, like grazing animals. The real riots will start when the SNAP/EBT funds run out, let me tell you. There's a reason they pre-paid February into those cards -- they know that is who will totally raise the pitchforks when the money stops.

4) If you are a govt worker whining your stupid ass off, you know what I'd do? Go into a fucking bank, and sell them on the idea of a long-term loan that is essentially backstopped by the Federal Govt. The bill has already been signed that guarantees back-pay, so fucking go in there and get a goddamn loan that will be paid back when things re-open. Or sit there eating your takeout food bitching and doing nothing.

5) I didn't see anything about accepting calls for feedback on this issue. Last time it was an email blast -- was this on Twitter or Facebook? I refuse to use services that make Jack Dorsey or Mark Zuckerberg any richer than they already are. Why the fuck should I give them data they use to profit off of me? Fuck that shit.

That's all Tom. I don't see this ending until the EBT/SNAP benefits run out, personally.

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That is because your country are raised by single mothers. Boys only see the female point of view and they are slowly erasing the male point of view. Eventually as this will be transferred from generation to generation...masculinity and male point of view will be wiped from the human gene pole. Boys and girls will have the same brain and same thinking and there will be REALLY no difference between the sexes.

Then comes the question if there are no difference of the sexes why even have the male sex? That time it makes sense not to have a male sex and if you have no male sex...why not from now have an all female lesbian society? If you move that direction and venture into toxic femininity how strong of a country is America when no males exist? Would women do better than men do if men don't exist?

Well..what better answer to such mysterious question that to use one state in US and remove all men and make it illegal for men to live and there and have this experiment last a thousand years. It is 100% all female, run by female and only female affairs and society exclusive for women alone and only women alone. Men are not allowed and TVs are 100% women all and governed by the most powerfulest feminist on Earth. One of the class requirement at school and university is to make girls hate men and go lesbian mode and constantly bombarded by men are rapist, etc.

I want to see how successful a society like that would be. OH NO INPUT FROM MEN EVER!

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Does this mean I won't get my balls felt up and have my wallet checked for bomb residue? GOOD RIDDANCE TSA!!!! Security obviously isn't an issue. I'm in Texas and have beheadings in my neighborhood cause the cartels are already here.

Enjoy the decline!

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Some way some how we--Americans--need to shout with one big loud voice, "Trump, return our government, and no we are not paying your fucking ransom".

That said have you noticed how the media is playing this? Almost all the stories of hardship focus on law enforcement people, TSA, FBI, ICE. "They can't do their jobs to keep us safe!!" Funny thing...I'm still safe. I have to fly in two days, and I'm no more apprehensive than I usually am about climbing into an aluminum tube and hurtling around the planet at nearly the speed of sound.

I think this is kind of a slimy underbelly to the shutdown; the corporate media is using the opportunity to soften the public to the post 9/11 security state apparatus. Six weeks ago, TSA was the mortal enemy of almost every traveler. Today we feel sorry for the poor working-without-pay dears. Over the past couple decades and particularly since the endless "War on Terror" was declared we have been conditioned to accept the casual theft of our rights. Now we are being conditioned to feel sympathy for the thieves.

It's starting...literally as I'm writing this. La Guardia has just closed to in bound flights due to staffing shortages. This will end when airline captains sitting at the gate announce "we're not going; it's not safe".

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The TSA is unnecessary. We've got locked and reinforced cockpit doors, and Air Marshals on every flight. Scan the luggage, run people through a basic metal detector and be done with it. None of this shoe bullshit, none of this grope-their-crotches bullshit.

Back in the 70's, they knew how to deal with hijackers. It wasn't a fruitful outcome, and most understood that fucking up a plane or taking people hostage ended badly. Why are we quaking in our boots now with the TSA? I say "we" in the sense of greater America, not the people here.

Its fucking ridiculous. It just acclimates people to the procedure of having their personal freedom violated. I disliked the TSA from the start, and I could give two shits they're having troubles now.

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Why I have the feeling you dislike the TSA from the start and you could give two shits they are having trouble now?

It just a feeling....