Jan 17th, 2019 | In the News

HOW TO END THE GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN The politicians can't (or won't) end our federal government shutdown. But someone can. Will that someone have the BALLS to do what needs to be done? Tom lays it out!

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Submitted by Baseskizl on

Tom doesn't people not showing up also help trump too?
It's ridiculous people would get fired over this if they want to strike but it would take a case all the way to the Republican supported supreme court for the workers to kill the rule of law they can't not strike and that case likely won't be heard until 10years from now if someone was to even make it to the highest court. So they are fucked either way.

Submitted by victorjm on

Tom. Fucking A problem to fucking B solution. And it's so American which I worry we're abandoning. Keep it up!

Submitted by Kelvinator on

Who cares. Now they will be forced to be productive humans! We don't need TSA feeling up our balls at the airport. Our government got way too large under Bush and Obombya.

Submitted by TallTim on

Let me set up a theoretical scenario for you.

You have an organization that is full of hard-to-fire employees, who are protected by laws that prevent the time-wasting pikers and paper-pushers from being laid off. How do you flush these people out?

Easy, you do exactly what is happening now.

Most government workers, (I should know, I was one at one point), are complete time-wasters, running out the clock and doing the bare minimum to keep the checks rolling in. Some are so completely attached to their departments (via hires of friends, associates, office power plays) that they don't even have to show up for a full days' work. Look at that DMV worker in California that was known to sleep on the job, but they kept her anyway - wasting thousands of taxpayer dollars.

Government pay may not be the highest (unless you're way up there on the GS-13+ scale), but the job security is unparalleled, in addition to other benefits like federal credit union memberships, and labor unions in some cases.

This is simply the massive starve-out of all the bureaucratic parasites that inflate budgets and produce nothing. Do innocent people get hurt? Yes, they do. I don't agree with this strategy -- but I see what is going on.

The loyal and desperate will stay, the lazy and ineffective idiots will leave.

Also, how these people don't have at least a MONTH saved up for expenses is fucking nuts. Who is an adult and operates that way?

My bet is this goes on into the end of Feb to the beginning of March.

Submitted by itscaping on

I am with dual citizenship, and I have contract with US Gov, and not getting paid either :(

Luckily (thanks to you) I am F* You fund.

Anyway, I have reduced my hours from 40hr per day to 20 hr, and I am doing other job that really pay...

It also doesn't help that I am going through bad divorce :(

Submitted by TallTim on

After 30 Days, (which we're past) the govt can have "Reduction In Force" aka Layoffs.

If they reinstate the Holman Rule, they don't even have to fire them, just reduce their pay to crap levels so they quit.

Bye-bye, useless paper pushers!

Submitted by itscaping on


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