Dec 31st, 2018 | In the News

THE DEATH OF ANCHORMAN CHRIS BURROUS Tom says what no one has the guts to say about the death of KTLA Morning News weekend anchor Chris Burrous. WARNING: contains blunt and frank honesty. A great example of why you pay to hear this podcast.

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Submitted by HKG01 on

That was AWESOME! Say it like it is Tom. No bullshit. Absolutely superb.

Submitted by flyboy805 on

Hello uncle TOM!

What was a married man doing in a motel with someone else? "Coke" and Viagra Don't mix.
Hay Tom, this also ties in with the First week of January "Divorce week".
How many Obese 'Woman for Trump' will be sending their Husbands Divorce papers this week? You cant deduct alimony payments thanks to Trump starting 2019. Keep up the good WORK!

From AL.

Submitted by itscaping on

As someone who is filing for divorce. I understand why someone wanna start taking drugs. Just to forget all the pain, and misery.

Marriage as it is now in 2018 is a pure slavery. I really take tool on your psychological and emotional health.

Anyway dad, please make a podcast, or money monday how to prepare for divorce financially. I really can use your advice.

PS Tom; I sent you an email about my horrible "married life". Hopefully, I can file for divorce, and leave long before I ended up like him.

Submitted by AuralAssassin on

Glad you said this. Just hearing the reports you can tell those of us who know the game.
Glendale maybe nice but there's PLENTY of hotels closure to HOME...hint, hint... like HOME!!!!