Apr 25th, 2023 | In the News

TUCKER CARLSON AND DON LEMON OUT WITHIN AN HOUR OF EACH OTHER What can they learn from shock jock Tom Leykis?



Submitted by victorjm on

If anyone can have an educated opinion about this stuff it's you.

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What a supreme pleasure to hear Tom's voice again.
I listened to Tom from '89 - '95 in Seattle.... then from '96 -2008 in Las Vegas. I counted down the days when he was off-air, until the "New Normal" premiered.
Life happened, and lost touch over the years.
Just signed up for the podcast yesterday.
I'm like a kid in a candy store, scanning all the library.... I've listened to: "I've never changed my mind" (about Trump), and the one about "not giving up your seat on the bus for a pregnant woman", ha!
man- I didn't realize how MUCH I've missed TOM.
This subscription is the BEST GIFT to myself EVER!

Submitted by Tricky713me on

Excellent analysis.
You're spot on about Don Lemon being hidden in the cloud of Tucker Carlson's firing. Don Lemon's JOB was to get wasted on New Year's Eve as a "bread and circus" accoutrement for the lowest common denominator viewer of CNN.

I am surprised tho, that in your analysis of the entertainment/advertiser/demographic sphere.. you didn't address the corporate/governmental cabal influence to shape/control the narrative and limit information. I would have imagined that you would be a supporter of all realms of opinion and discussion and dissent. Lay it all out there- and let the chips fall where they may.

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Tom always says what he means, and his goal was the money. Like he said, when he had enough, he was good. He doesn't need the klieg lights shining on him in perpetuity. Guys like O'Reilly, Tucker, Megan Kelly et al are hollow people who want desperately to be relevant, cause they can't define themselves any other way. Now they try to have little youTube channels, or go on piddly networks like The First in an attempt to get back into the limelight but they will fail and be miserable forever. This goes for many pols too, like Lindsey Graham who licks tRump's shitty boots even though he can't stand the guy. All of them, miserable sacks.

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well said.