Apr 6th, 2023 | Tom Talks

SHOULD THIS GUY PAY HIS MOTHER'S MEDICAL BILLS? A Redditor who felt neglected as a kid now finds that his mother has cancer...and the hospital is calling him to arrange a payment plan. Does he have to help her?

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Submitted by Hubcap on

...to anyone but a lawyer. He needs to make sure he has no legal obligation to pay then go back to having no contact with her. From his story, it sounds like she was (is) an addict/alcoholic. Stealing and selling his stuff is classic addict behavior. He cut that out of his life, now he has to keep it out.

Submitted by aofrailey on

For some reason I have the strong impression that the referenced Reddit poster is a woman. Maybe it is because the writing reads like that of a woman, or that the overwhelming number of caretakers and people assumed to be responsible for caring are women. I realize that your answer would be the same regardless of the gender of the person in that position.

Submitted by Tricky713me on

It's sad that this guy even had the IDEA that he was under any obligation. The people who really NEED to hear Tom Leykis, don't have anyone in their circle to point the way.
I really wish Tom would get back on the radio.