Dec 22nd, 2022 | In the News

HOW IMPORTANT IS TWITTER? All this conversation about who runs Twitter and who should be allowed to tweet and who shouldn't. Does it all really matter?

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Submitted by Tatajemusic@sbc... on

Twitter was never important to me because my twats aren't important...
And after a douchebag like Musk took it over and the other stupid Trump-supporting moron took over Parlor, FUCK EM' BOTH!

Submitted by Liberation95 on

Twitter, Facebook, even MySpace is all for attention whores! I never really saw the use of any of it. If anything it makes people LESS social (ironically it's called Social media!). Even worse, people who are on any of it increase their chances of being hacked or their identity stolen ("Here's the names of my kids and dog which I use in all my passwords! Please hack me"). I got out of Facebook years ago and never felt better!

Submitted by KK on

$44B Reasons lol!

I enjoyed hearing how screening callers worked and the schmuck that tried to sue you!

You don't bet against Tom!