Jul 11th, 2022 | Tom Talks

"GOD" IS A JOKE America's Most Outrageous Atheist tells you why the shape the world is in today is proof positive there is no "supreme being".



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Hey Tom, thanks so much for the shout out to FFRF! I served on the board of that organization for many years, and I'm still an active donating member.
You might enjoy attending our annual convention. The next one is October in San Antonio. It gives one a bit of hope to be in a roomful of 1200 people and know that none of them are dumb enough to believe in god.

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I agree with you tom. I don't Believe in a GOD or higher power. there is no evidence that proves that a god exists. yet so many laws and rules made reflect other peoples beliefs that there is a god. we already have the proof that there is no GOD and the bible is bullcrap.

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You nailed it, m'man.

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I’ve been thinking about writing my local congressman and beginning the conversation of making religion an unprotected class. I’ve heard you’ve talk about this before Tom. Is it possible to make religion an unprotected class in America ? How would you go about doing this? Just curious. Thanks and FUCK THE LORD!