Jun 28th, 2022 | In the News

WITH ABORTION RIGHTS GONE, HOW WILL THIS AFFECT MEN? Tom has practical advice for men going forward now that Roe vs. Wade has been overturned.

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Submitted by cpk on

I myself have always been involved, and travelled in circles of women who were. But, the folks who don't give an f, who don't vote (and there are guys like this too. I've done many lit drops and canvasses and talked to so many men and women who say that they have no interest in voting, never gonna do it.). So now cause of these stupid dolts, those women who ARE involved, who DO vote and DO the right thing are being punished too. Now guys, you're gonna be having to support even MORE kids you don't want.
And they're just getting started. To quote my favorite actor: "wake the fuck up"

Submitted by masterautotech on

Thanks Tom for the Advice..... I Will be getting some soon.

Submitted by Hubcap on

Women are going to be a lot more reluctant to have sex, and rightly so when a fun night with you can mean she goes to prison. So us guys I think are going to really start advocating for safe sex. That doesn't only mean no STDs, but also a "safe space" for sex where consent is respected, and birth control is 100%...that means a vasectomy.
In the public sphere men need to strongly advocate for better birth control methods and easily available and affordable vasectomies.

After the fall of Roe it is more important than ever to realize that if a woman wants to have sex you, she WANTS to have a baby.

Curious as to what Dr Warren Farrell has to say on how the fall of Roe affects men.

Submitted by Liberation95 on

This sucks for men! Now we have one less way to get out of unwanted fatherhood. In fact, I see women getting pregnant and then saying, "Well, I can't have an abortion so, I guess you're a father now. We may as well get married!" I also see this as a way our government wants to fight zero population growth, as other countries like Sweden are worried about dwindling population. The truth is, we have too many people on this planet!