Jun 15th, 2022 | Leykis 101

WOMEN WHO WANT TO BE OLD SCHOOL HOUSEWIVES There's a retro movement going on: women who look at being a housewife as a career. One woman is blowing up TikTok with her opinion that women should give up on out-of-the-home careers and spend their lives serving their husbands. Do you want a woman like that?

<--break->Huffington Post: This Woman's Viral Argument For Marriage As A Career Has The Internet All Riled Up

The Tiktok video Tom is talking about



Submitted by John Nett on

Do not entertain this logic. Keep them out of your home.

At a point in your life when you need somebody to empty your bedpan, let one in, maybe, just maybe.

Stunning call girls cost money. They can also leave you with some nice memories.

Don't let a dummy into your life.

Submitted by Liberation95 on

Sounds to me this lady got too lazy to do any hard work, so she wants a man to do all the work and get the all the benefit of the wealth and money her husbands makes. Isn't this what you always say about marriage being legal prostitution? Where she gets things paid for by banging some guy? There is no way I'd let any women move into my place and expect to share in any of my wealth and then start shouting orders at me!