Dec 13th, 2021 | Tom Talks

WHAT TO DO ABOUT CHRISTMAS Even though he's always been an atheist, when he was a kid, Tom loved Christmas so much. It took him years of reflection to figure out why he loved it, and why it's different for him now.



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X = whatever and however you celebrate the holidays in the month of December. I shall be partaking in the very most holy of green holly herbal sacrament this evening, in honor of all those celebrating whatever & however YOU celebrate. Putting up the lights and trimmin' the tree tonight, with boughs of ganja. Then watching my annual X.muh holiday trilogy of Bad Santa, Uncle Nick, Ice Harvest, and El Camino Christmas movies. I say 'trilogy' because I never make it to the 4th movie. I'm sleeping like a baby by then. Thank you Tom.
Peace, cheers, toke, namas-fuckin-te, and enjoy! Everyone!

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"St. Nicholas is called Noel Baba in Turkey, but he is better known as Santa Claus. The popular myth is that he lives at the North Pole. Few people actually know St. Nicholas was born, lived and died in Turkey during the fourth century. He was the bishop of Myra, now Demre, near Antalya."
Being from Turkey myself and reading about history of Turkish people, I am pretty confident that dude was after little boys with very bad intentions.

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Episode 420 blaze it!