Oct 25th, 2021 | Tom Talks

YOU'RE GOOD! No one else will tell you that. But Tom will! Find out why!

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Submitted by UncleKenta on

My parents weren't the same as Tom's, but I've come to a peace with my own horrible parents, both deceased for a long time now. My parents were very specially fucked up in their own way. They were very ignorant to many of these same topics. Listening to Tom since 2008, has tipped me off to that same critical knowledge that I was lacking too. Some psychology, philosophy, narcissism, that 'keeping up with the Jones' thing, and the 'lights on in that home' that looks like such a happy and successful family from the street curb thing. I guess you could summarize it all, as what they now call 'emotional intelligence'. Thanks Tom. I'm well over 50 now. It's never too late to make paradigm shift changes in your life. Debt, health, careers/entrepreneurship, friends, family, etc. I used to let other people have way too much influence in my life. That's long gone. Thank you Tom. Thank you Dad, we never had. Cheers.