Jul 20th, 2021 | In the News

MASK MANDATE Do you care if the unvaccinated get infected? Tom doesn't!

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Submitted by metallicagrind44 on

NOPE…and let me also say that all vaccinated people who have breakthrough covid should receive care and get a ventilator over the intentionally unvaccinated! Hospitals need to start leaving the intentionally unvaccinated to fend for themselves let them do themselves in (since they’re also likely to be Trumptards!)

Submitted by KK on

Punish the responsible who got the vaccine.

I agree with you. It should be like wearing a seatbelt.

If they choose not to, they get what they get.

Submitted by submarineaz on

Only risk I see is these morons are helping the virus mutate. Luckily I have faith in the vaccines.

Submitted by Skywayal on

I love your perspective Tom!!

I have never gone wrong with your advise in the past.


Despite having one of the most vaccinated populations in the state, Cape Cod now has the highest rate of new COVID cases in Massachusetts. Health officials are battling an outbreak in Provincetown that has infected at least 132 people since July 1 — most of them vaccinated — as well as a cluster in a Yarmouth nursing home, where as many as 33 residents and staff are infected, many of them already vaccinated, too.