Dec 11th, 2018 | Money Podcast

MONEY young adult gals don't know what to do when their trade school (called a "college") suddenly goes out of business. Also, Tom answers your email including questions about money market funds, saving for a down payment on a house, and whether to insist on a written agreement when interviewing for a job.

Here is the article to which Tom refers on this episode: Students stunned after major for-profit college chain closes: 'They're taking our dreams away'

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Submitted by flyboy805 on

We all remember TRUMP university advertised on Television . He settled out of Court , and still getting sued for more.

Submitted by jethro on

Hi Tom. I've been following your advice for quite a while. I live beneath my means and i have a fully funded FU fund. My Roth is my main area in need of improvement. Right now i have positions with indeed funds and several stocks you mentioned in the show after doing my own research. That is where my question comes from. I recently signed in to Cabot Wealth newsletter for stock info. Can you recommend a better site of is this one good in your opinion.