Dec 10th, 2018 | In the News

WHAT WILL ULTIMATELY HAPPEN TO DONALD TRUMP? If you don't like Tom's political opinions or you don't like hearing him talk about politics, be sure to skip this episode of the podcast in which Tom tells you what's in for Donald Trump. He knows.

Here's the article Tom refers to in this episode: Here's everyone who has been charged and convicted in Mueller's Russia probe so far.

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Submitted by TomLeykisNNN on

Thank YOU!



Submitted by Kel on

You had this guy pegged from the get go...LOL! You are 100% correct...Look at the Turnover Rate of people in his administration..guilty or not...That is the mark of a BAD Executive...

Keep up the Great Work Tom!


Submitted by kyrios777 on

I think the whole Trump family is going to have extreme financial issues when New York and Federal IRS go after back taxes from the inheritance scam that they set up.

Submitted by Stan Eelhart on

One of the great lines when Jimmy Carter narrowly beat Gerald Ford for president was - Carter should pardon Ford for pardoning Nixon.
Pence should pardon Trump , it will be the best for the USA to put it behind us all , although it would be sweet to see him behind bars.
How could the ultra right and evangelicals have been so duped by this outrageous pompous narcissist ? I see similarities in how Hitler finagled his way to the top .
Thank you Tom

Submitted by Michaelbird on

Trump is a true bum....hell try to spin it and appeal to the other Americans who portray them selves as victims...But HE NEEDS TO GO! PERIOD

Submitted by Michaelbird on

Hey Tom miss you on the show ....its time to come back and start it again