Feb 22nd, 2021 | In the News


Submitted by flyboy805 on

I don't feel sorry for ~60% of Texans, Morons vote for morons, The first 3 minutes of the movie 'IDIOCRACY (2006)' first thing that came up in my head ' looks like Texas 2006' .
Texas had a smaller snow storm in 2011 and had some power outages, DEREGULATED power company's did not bother Winterizing their grid and power plants. Accident prone Texas sucking on socialism again.

Submitted by mdk36@mac.com on

Thanks Dad! As usual you’re right on the money.

Submitted by UncleKenta on

Nothing has changed apparently. Corruption destroys everything. Oh well. How you liking Texas all you Californians that moved there? buahahahha. Wait until they get a dose of both bone dry and unbearable humid Texas summer heat. ha haaaaa! Ted Cruz is an evil piece of shit! Cancun, while his constituents suffered. Asshole.