Nov 27th, 2018 | In the News

15,000 OUT AT GM but didn't they tell us that tax cuts were going to "bring back manufacturing jobs" and "grow the economy"?

Here are the articles Tom used to prepare for this episode: GM’s Plan to Cut Jobs and Plants Draws Fire from the Wall Street Journal and General Motors News From Ohio, Michigan Could Hurt Trump 2020 Bid from Rollcall.

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Submitted by stretchdogg on

If more people had paid attention in 2016, we wouldn't be in this position today. Please do a cursory amount of studying candidates, and get to the ballot box. Great Pod, Tom.

Submitted by TomLeykisNNN on

More to come.

The next guy clearly disagrees and is an asshole just like the DICKtator he loves so much.


Submitted by man-on-the-right on

I’m sure the shows will be better. This show was a political rant. Boring as hell. Another fucking liberal that hates Trump. Everything wrong or goes wrong is Trump’s fault. Now, the tax breaks are the cause of job loss, and it’s all Trump’s fault. In case you haven’t heard, Tom, political rants from smug west coast millionaires is trite. Let me make a suggestion. You stop with the usual west coast, liberal anti-Trump rants and talk about how a federal and state income tax is unfair and is in reality government theft of an individual’s personal income tax. Geeez, you missed so much to talk about in this GM layoff news. Instead of Trump this and Trump that, talk about how much GM pays in corporate income or how much the government subsidizes GM or any other corporation. Trump gives the middle class more money back in the form of a tax break and you and your wealthy west coast millionaires think we are all suckers for getting back our money ? We should be paying MORE in taxes so you and your west coast millionaires can rest more comfortably knowing that GM and other big corporations will suffer by MORE taxes?? Are you a FUCKING IDIOT, TOM ?

Submitted by deweydec on

You make the assumption that anyone who is critical of Trump is a liberal, even though Tom has shown that his political affiliations do not lie on the left. And, then you commit what-aboutism. You may want to re-evaluate your political leanings as conservatism is gone with Trump. He is a Nationalist and Nationalism is just a twisted version of Socialism. Don't believe me...well, just look at Trump telling General Motors as well as Carrier and other companies what they can and can't do with their profits and private property. That is not free market Capitalism. That is government intervention. Protectionism is an economic fallacy. Look it up. Tariffs a tool of Protectionism have not worked since the middle 1800's. They are not working now. The Smoot-Hartley Tariff Act is one of the things that helped drive the country into the Great Depression. The tax cuts are not paying for themselves and are not much of a benefit to you. Leaders have been buying voters for centuries usually under the guise or illusion of a tax break. And, once you calculate in inflation, higher interest rates, higher prices to due to tariffs, and job loss due to tariffs the tax cuts are meaningless. Would you even call in or email to actually debate Tom?

Submitted by macspectrum on

love your comment about the GM workers who lost their jobs yet voted for trump - reminds me of that old joke of the father bull talking to his son re the cows down below; "no son, let's walk down and fuck em all"

we have our own version of trump - doug ford [now premier of ontario] - yep, the brother of rob ford - gm just fired 2500 employees -
and he proudly stated; "ontario is open for business"

one effing cdn

Submitted by flyboy805 on

The same voters who blindly supported Bush and GOT F***ed , are also Trump voters, who blindly support Trump and are getting F***ED ONE BY ONE!
Regardless, Trump can shoot the Economy dead in public on 5th avenue and not lose a Vote.
So make a Profit from those Fools. Thanks TOM!