Jul 24th, 2020 | Guest Interviews

WILL HE GO? What happens if the President loses to Joe Biden on Election Day, but then refuses to leave office on January 20, 2021? Tom talks to Professor Lawrence Douglas who tells us what could happen.

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Submitted by TONY_LALLI on

that trump resigns the next day and screws the entire country. puts pence in charge. nancy pelosi will be the new vp.

I think pelosi will need to run for reelection for her congress seat. trump is one lazy bozo.

Submitted by gbcrhull on

The same thing was being said of Bush and Obama. It is all Bullshit.

Submitted by Dditzhazy on

The whole right-left paradigm is a false one. In reality, there is one party and two factions which make a big show of fighting with each other. The real power brokers are their handlers, who put puppets in on both sides of the aisle and also own the media to serve up a nonstop IV of propaganda to distract us from the real destruction they are wreaking on our society. Alex Jones will tell you all about this in his documentaries on prisonplanet.tv. Eye-opening stuff. Let's come together as Americans who all share a lot of common values like freedom, private property, personal responsibility, national sovereignty, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution. That document is very powerful if it is used correctly. What we have now though unfortunately is a lot of the powers illegally transferred from the legislature to the executive, forming a dictatorship backed up by a dangerous police state. Look at the militarization of the police forces, the huge numbers of citizens being thrown in prison, and the phony baloney wars on poverty, drugs, mental health, etc. which actually have the opposite of their stated missions.

Submitted by redbolt950 on

We as Americans deserve better. Our sad excuse for a president can't do a day without saying something that makes us look like an absolute embarrassment to the rest of the world. He spent most of his term trash talking Obama about getting nothing done - yet he has spent more time on the golf course than Tiger Woods, AND hasn't gotten jack shit done (other than funneling tax dollars into his own pocket.)

What's worse? How about those asswipes in Congress? They bicker like little children and can't find any middle ground on ANYTHING - which is essentially their job. If it is a proposed bill from a Democrat, the Republicans snuff it out just for that fact alone - same when the shoe is on the other foot. They would rather take no action, even in difficult times such as now - than work with the opposite party for a solution.