May 20th, 2020 | Money Podcast

A LONGTIME CALLER AND FOLLOWER TELLS HIS AMAZING SUCCESS STORY John from Austin's journey began years ago when he was in a miserable marriage and financial trouble with an impressionable son, Cole. Find out where they are now thanks to listening to the advice of Your Professor.

Here is John's Email to Tom:

Here is John's newest credit score.

John finally paid off his car note. Look!

And he also completely paid off his Visa card balance!



Submitted by TallTim on

Shows being financially sound can be achieved if you try.

Good one!

Submitted by War-A-Tron on

Great show Professor, and to John - I would like to say that congrats on getting rid of the old debt boulder. It really must be the best feeling in the world!

Submitted by Liberation95 on

That was an awesome success story! I've followed many of the rules from the show and have never been disappointed. It really is the best feeling not only having no debt but also being able to tell a girlfriend of wife you absolutely do not need them to cook for you and to be self sufficient. This is what all of us need to aspire to!

Submitted by padres74 on

Inspiring message. You've suggested the 500 pound gorilla can be rewardingly tamed. It is exhilarating when you clear the crap from its cage and keep it that way. My son in his early 30s was taught that philosophy over 15 years ago. I'm proud of him. No live-in, no marriage for him. And no mom w little kids. He sees the insanity with several of his miserable buddies.

Submitted by Akocan35 on

My hat off to you John!!!! Great job and keep up the good work! Proud of you bro!

Submitted by gokusan on

I do enjoy seeing my fellow brothers discover what true freedom is. Thanks again Dad :) P14LIFE