May 14th, 2020 | Tom Talks

WHO ARE THE COVID-19 MASK RESISTERS? What are they saying by not wearing masks in public? And what about the people who glare at you or make comments when you're wearing a mask in public and they're not? Tom says that it's all too obvious.

Are you a mask resisiter? Or a mask wearer? Tell Tom NOW:



Submitted by DBS_DTB on

Wear a freaking mask, it's allergy season, and people need to wear them to stop any spray that might come out of their mouth, it's real simple logic.

Submitted by Poster child Dave on

You nailed this one right to the cross! Fuck Trump and fuck his dumbfuck unmasked supporters! You are absolutely right that by not masking up they are implicitly stating their allegiance to that turd in the White House. So let the hardware store and all other non mask enforcing businesses.
They can go belly up as far as I’m concerned. This virus is as serious as it gets and I have zero tolerance for these no mask idiots. They along with their leader can go jump right off a fuckin cliff! ———Rant complete!

Submitted by Hubcap on

Throw in the fundamental science that wearing a mask is to protect others more than yourself, and you begin to grasp just how self-centered these trumper cocksuckers are. People who failed math and skipped biology are literally putting our lives at risk.

Submitted by TallTim on

"When I wear a mask in public, I'm not making a political statement..."

Then Tom praises those making political statements regarding masks.

Too funny, the inconsistencies. I wear a mask when its appropriate to do so.

Hey, remember that party you had at the Sinatra house? When you were sick as a dog? And you circulated through the crowd? Maskless?


I guess by the logic you are supporting in the above comments, you must be a Trump supporter!

I had no idea, Tom.

Submitted by MeHowik on

I couldn't have said it any better. I don't think it's a political statement. As Tom said, we don't have to agree with this opinion. And in this case, I don't.
I mean, just because Trump doesn't wear a mask, if a person is not wearing one, I don't believe it's necessarily ( or even likely) a Trump supporter. His skin is orange, and he wears a coiffed swoop. I don't see people spray painting themselves orange and doing a comb over, just because Trump does it, or doesn't do it.

Submitted by TallTim on

That is my point.

My over-the-top satire was to put that in sharp relief.

Glad you understood. I find Tom informative and entertaining. If I didn't, I wouldn't be a P1 in the first place.

Have a good one.

Submitted by AnaheimDog on

I agree with your isolation objective, i maintain commercial and residential properties and electrical 'emergencies' are certainly possible, i cant remember ever having one. Plumbing is the bane of the business. Is all this stuff in order Tom?

Submitted by Willyjones666 on

If people think that by refusing to wear masks they're helping to support Trump they're very wrong. Kind of like the people who go to courthouses with guns and Confederate flags. I guess they want Joe Biden to be elected.

Submitted by AnaheimDog on

Even Tom might acknowledge that. The democrats maybe can remove potus somehow, or pull another rabbit out of a hat. Shit, potus could drop dead tomorrow, non mask wearing sob!

Submitted by cpk on

ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. I am so sick of these goddamn unmasked moron pricks. And even if a business doesn't have a "No Masks" sign, if I see ANY of their employees not masked up, I not only quit going there, but I get on my local social medias (like nextdoor, facebook neighborhood groups, etc) and put it out there that this business is being unsafe, irresponsible and not worthy of our patronage. Thank you once again for telling the truth

Submitted by gbcrhull on

It is my body my choice. I will not wear a mask. Screw you if don't like it.

Submitted by aofrailey on

I wish there were such a thing as a "Corona denier" ID card which would prohibit you from getting medical care should you contract the virus.

Submitted by Liberty on

Right there with you. Let people who want to wear them put them on, and let those who dont have the freedom to choose not to.

Submitted by aofrailey on

1. Just heard the other day that the virus can hang around in the air for 30 minutes after someone sneezes or coughs.
2. I really and truly wish that Trump would contract the virus with symptoms that are so bad he nearly dies. I truly would NOT want him to actually die, but I would want him to suffer terribly for his attitude and because he has such a disregard for others and serves as a role model encouraging others to follow in his footsteps..
3. Until there is a vaccine, I predict that we will increasingly live in one of two separate universes. One for those over 60 and one for those under 60. The concern will grow even worse as more and more young people believe they are immune or that Corona is no worse than the flu encouraging them.resist the guidelines.
4. "Corona deniers" represent a slap in the face to the health care workers and any other employees of .essential businesses who must deal with the public.
5. I wish there were some way to deny "Corona deniers" medical treatment should they contract the disease. Or at least lower their priority for medical treatment. It infuriates me that the Corona deniers are the ones who will not only eat up a great deal of the available medical care themselves but will be the direct cause of others becoming ill, posing even a greater burden on the health care system..
5. There are Corona deniers who deliberately cough or sneeze on others and I am certain mask wearers are number one on their "hit list".