Nov 9th, 2022 | In the News

FRUSTRATIONS ON A JITTERY ELECTION DAY Tom isn't jittery for the same reasons you are!



Submitted by CraigSwailes on

Finally somebody calls bullshit on both of the American political parties.

Submitted by woj00 on

I remember growing up and being amazed at the concept of "libraries". Little buildings where all sorts of information can be accessed, and this information is available to ME, funded as a public good. Incredible!

Well, we all have phones now, so when I ponder the state of democracy, I reflect on how people use their phones. Forget going to a library, the entirety of human knowledge is at most American's fingertips,

Smartphones could be used by people to find an analysis of the Federalist Papers or to read an explanation of compound interest. Instead, they are being used, to a far greater degree, on attention sinkhole apps that have been designed around getting and maintaining engagement--oftentimes by eliciting outrage.

Politics, it would appear, has done the same.

I appreciate your frustration Tom, because all I have left is apathy,

Submitted by John Nett on

All I can do is watch and remember the country that used to be before one half of my countrymen decided to "make things better."

Democracy did work--for a while. It is gravely injured. Who knows if it will heal. I wish you all the best of luck, we are going to need it.

Submitted by cpk on

Love ya Tom, and this was classic Leykis- so I liked it on that note, and yes there are many problems that seem like no one is addressing. But there has been some progress, never enough I guess but still. The PACT act passed last August will help many of our vets. There are some pretty solid pols who one, Mark Kelly and my senator,, Catherine Cortez Masto who both are pretty moderate, reasonable. But, your points become pretty salient when we see I'll-never-wear-a-jacket a-hole Jim Jorden out there yesterday saying that the house will now focus not on the border or inflation but rather Hunter Biden. Are we on fire? maybe. But I for one do feel better today, Nov. 18 2022 than I did on Nov 9 2016