Jun 17th, 2021 | Tom Talks

NOW THAT TOM'S BACK FROM HIS LOCKDOWN, HE HAS EVEN LESS PATIENCE FOR OTHER PEOPLE'S SHIT 16 months in hiding made Tom realize how short life is. Putting up with people's demands, complaints, or disappointments is not in the cards for him. Find out why.

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Submitted by landon101 on

What are weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Always one of my favorite stories,

Submitted by KK on

If I could go my whole life without that convo again...

Submitted by 138mws on

is she needs someone to get the job done then tom tell her to contact me I'm young with lots of endurance.

Submitted by UncleKenta on

Saw my brother for first time in over a year. We hung out for three days at his place last weekend. Grilled, drank, swam in the pool, toked medical grade legal ganja. My expenses are so low, and income so high, I've got zero debt, my retirement fund higher than ever. Over 2 years of expenses in the old fuck you fund, which I just might use to take the summer off. I've been working since I was in the sixth grade throwing newspapers on my bicycle for Snottsdale Progress newspaper in the 1980's. Europeans take the summer off. Can't buy a house right now, or any time soon, so why not? When this craziness blows up, I'll probably be able to pay cash for a place to live. I'm not getting any younger, and an old friend just dropped dead at 54 of heart attack. So fuck it. Couple months off for me. Fuck the corporate rat race. Thanks to Leykis 101: no crazy broads to answer to. Thanks to Money Monday: I could do whatever I want right now. Thanks Tom.

Submitted by KK on

You deserve the Sumer off! Great work!

Submitted by KK on

This episode is GOLD!

Your expertise on the female psychology is what men need right now!

'If they don't cry, you're not doing it right.' LOL! So true!

I needed to hear this.

You've taught us that one of the best things we can do is keep our feelings out of it.

Thank you for this!

I hope you'll give us more like this!