Mar 26th, 2021 | Guest Interviews

HOW WILL MAJOR LEAGUE ATHLETES REACT TO GEORGIA'S VOTER SUPPRESSION LAW? Georgia's governor Brian Kemp just signed a racist voter suppression bill into law. Will major league athletes boycott the state of Georgia or the MLB All-Star Game, scheduled for Atlanta this summer? Sports manager Eric Mitchell has been talking to major league players and he tells Tom what he's hearing.

Vin Scully, who loves to talk about his relationship with Jackie Robinson, saying that, because of Colin Kaepernick's NFL protest, will "never watch the NFL again".

If you want to join the Georgia boycotts, here's a handy list of companies NOT to do business with.

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Submitted by cpk on

Another fantastic interview - thank you. Something we also really need to pay attention to in this horrible, racist, poor-loser Georgia bill is the VERY frightening provision that will now allow the Georgia Legislature (GOP-controlled) to REMOVE local election officials basically at a whim. Had this law been in effect in 2020, my understanding is that the legislature could have taken over the election boards of Fulton and DeKalb counties (two counties where Biden won decisively). Then what would they have done? Maybe the GOP leg would have "found" some more votes for Trump? This kind of partisan take-over is a threat to democracy and threatens all of us, even those of us who live in blue states. Boycott, yes, but also consider giving $$ to NAACP, who has filed a lawsuit against the state, and to Stacy Abrams' Fair Fight to help them fight this law and to help voters continue to have access to the polls amidst these draconian and (as Biden said) SICK actions.

Submitted by kinghurl on

The bigger the impact of the change on the bottom line of businesses the more likely things like this will get reversed. Protest and such move the public needle, but once you start impacting the green, that's where changes make the biggest difference. Boycott, Coca-cola, movie industry boycotts, cancellation of sporting events....that's where it matters.

Submitted by John Nett on

I believe Major league athletes will make their opinions on Georgia's voter suppression law known individually or collectively. What these opinions lead to remain to be seen.

Those big corporations, based in the state of Georgia are, as anticipated, flipping their positions on the new law, maintaining they truly did not understand the degree to which it would impose restrictions on Black voters, that the new law does not "represent our values."

Those corporations knew exactly what that bill represented but said nothing while Trumps henchmen rushed it into law.

If these outfits were not such a valued part of my portfolio I'd dump them.