Nov 6th, 2019 | Leykis 101

HE MOVED IN THE ADDICT GIRLFRIEND AND ANOTHER MAN'S BABY He's doing well with his career and with his investments. Now, he's asking Reddit if it's okay to insist that she sign a "cohabitation agreement" and he's getting hammered! You can only imagine what Your Professor thinks!

This story from the London Daily Mail lays it out for you.

Here is the original Reddit post.

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Submitted by TallTim on

1. Never move in with a chick
2. Especially not with a "former" addict
3. Especially not with a single mother
4. Any agreement that he gets her to sign can be voided by sympathetic "family law" judges -- if there is even a HINT of duress, it can be thrown out easily.
5. This guy is a complete loser that will get screwed over again even if he doesn't go through with this disaster.

This is what a lot of men in the USA are like now. Weak, struggling, seeking advice from strangers when they should know what the fuck to do in the first place.

Submitted by misterdgc on

What a train wreck! OH CANADA! home of the pussies...(and not in a good way). Captain SAVE A (JUNKIE AND SOME OTHER GUY'S BASTARD KID) HOE. He is going to have a CN (Canadian National;canada's train system) train running through his asshole as soon as this chick decides to "cash him in"in canada's woman centric legal system !!! Guaranteed he will only get a "get a clue" after it's too late! Love to hear these stories. Helps me keep my head in the game. Lets face it, pussy is a drug that makes men stupid! Junkie, single mother, what could go wrong with this plan?

Submitted by Lulzy1 on

Like you said within the first couple of minutes Tom "You couldn't find any other chicks to deal with? It has to be a drug addicted single mother?" This was posted nearly two years ago but I'm guaranteeing they're not together anymore. Drug Addict women will only put with you if you got a decent job, can drive, and give em a good bang, and even then they will find ways to fuck it up. I can only hope the guy on reddit had a realization early on and kicked her to the curb.