Jan 20th, 2019 | Be Funny

WHAT'S THE MOST POLITICALLY INCORRECT THING YOU CAN THINK OF? A prime example of why we live behind a paywall. Tom asked listeners to call in and say "the most politically incorrect thing" they could think of. Yikes!

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Submitted by paulbarber on

Hey Tom, Love you man, no homo. It really bugs me that cheap asses wouldn't pay the 11 bucks a month. Really miss the show, Gary, Dino, Mike... Oh well I'm with you till the end!

Submitted by thomasj on

Being 6'-1" these cart ladies ask me all the time to reach the stuff on the top shelves.
Happened today, so I went back and listened again to the 1/20 show. Where somebody (maybe it was you) ripped them a new ass.

Now when they ask "Can you reach that for me?" I say "yes" and keep walking...